Hi All. We have decided to make all videos available freely in early 2017. You can still become a customer but from early 2017 the videos will be available on YouTube only. Thanks for your support.
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This video shows how to install RapidMiner Server on an Ubuntu machine. Documentation seems hard to come by so this video gives details of the pre-requisites and specific installation steps needed to get a basic installation working.

Topics covered

  • Pre-requisites: Java.
  • Pre-requisites: Database.
  • Running the installer.
  • Completing the install.
  • Confirming initial success.
  • Installing extensions.
  • Accessing using RapidMiner Studio from another location.

This video gives an overview of the main features of the RapidMiner Studio GUI

  • Topics covered
  • Design view
  • Results view
  • Perspectives and Views
  • Creating processes
  • Changing operator parameters

Video Length: 19:42

This video gives an overview of the terminology used by RapidMiner

  • Topics covered
  • Example sets
  • Examples
  • Regular Attributes
  • Special Attributes
  • Roles
  • Documents
  • Tokens

Video Length: 12:18

Macros are used everywhere. They can be thought of as global variables that hold information saved in one part of a process for use in another part. A small number of operators can create and modify macros whereas a larger number of operators can use or have their operation modified by a macro. A good understanding of all of this is vital to get the most out of RapidMiner. This video gives some worked examples to show some basic operations.

Topics covered

  • The process context macro view
  • Operators that create and change macros
  • Loop operators that modify macros
  • Using macros to modify how operators work: some typical examples

Video Length: 18:46

Regular expressions can be used throughout RapidMiner and a good knowledge is essential to make smaller and more robust processes and generally get the best out of the product. This video shows the main places where regular expressions are used with some worked examples to illustrate. Regular expressions can appear daunting but it is worth persevering because you will wonder how you managed without them. This video is not a tutorial on regular expressions because there are plenty of free resources on the Internet that give everything you ever want to know and more.

Topics covered

  • Renaming attributes
  • The edit regular expression dialog box
  • Generating attributes
  • Selecting attributes
  • The edit regular expressions dialog box for selecting attributes
  • Replacing attribute values

Video Length: 18:34

The Aggregate operator allows example sets to be restructured in many ways to summarise them in order to help understand the data better or to prepare for subsequent processing. The capabilities of this operator are similar to the SQL Group-By and Having clauses familiar from database queries.

Topics covered

  • Use default aggregation and default aggregation function
  • Aggregration attributes
  • Group by attributes
  • Count all combinations
  • Only distinct
  • Ignore missing

Video Length: 13:23

This course includes the following introductory videos

  • Aggregate

  • Append

  • Branch

  • Churn Process Walkthrough

  • Classification Performance Na├»ve Bayes

  • Cross Validation

  • Decision Tree

  • Discretizing

  • Extract Macro

  • Filter Examples

  • Generate Attributes Basic

  • Generate Attributes Date Time

  • Generate Attributes Macros

  • Generate Data

  • Generate Macro

  • Guess Types

  • Join

  • K-NN

  • Lift Chart

  • Linear Regression

  • Log

  • Macros

  • Nominal To Numeric

  • Normalize

  • Numeric To Binominal

  • Optimize Selection

  • Outliers

  • Process

  • Provide Macro As Log Value

  • RapidMiner GUI Overview

  • Read And Process CSV File

  • Read Write Database

  • Read Write Excel

  • Regular Expressions

  • Remove Useless Attributes

  • Rename

  • Replace Missing Values

  • Repository Access

  • Select Attributes

  • Sort

  • Split Data

  • Terminology

  • Weights

  • Write Read CSV

The following videos are part of this course at present. More videos will be added by the end of September 2014:

  • Optimize Parameters Grid

  • Pivot

  • DePivot

  • Loop Collection

  • Nested Loop Example

  • Taming Messy Data

  • Sample

  • Moving Average

  • Fit Trend

  • Windowing

  • Combine Time Series

  • Similarity

  • Groovy Dark Arts

  • Macros In Groovy

  • Detecting New Nominal Values

  • Correlation

  • Execute Process

  • Loop Files Explained

  • Optimize Parameters Evolutionary